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stand bying is a type of cheating in video games with connection. most common in halo 2 but u can do it in someothers games.
wen u stand by ppl go red bar or blue screen.
u can standby by
hitting ur standby button
having a team standby program so it will automatically stand by for you
take ur ethernet cord out and plugin it back in.
briging kind of goes with standbyin because briging alows ur to give connection to the standbyers on ur team
well wen i use to play me and my friend did this...

me:Yo kyle u ready?
kyle: u got the butter?
me: yea im ready to standby bro
#cheating #halo #halo2 #video #games #stand #by #byer #bying #standby
by idontknowyou April 21, 2008
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