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1. You should thank this browser, because without it, we wouldn't have Firefox or Google Chrome

2. A shitty browser that puts a bunch of viruses and spyware on your computer, has no uses but downloading Firefox or Google Chrome, and bricking your PC. It also comes with free security bugs, is loaded with adware and spyware, and it constantly freezes. Works better if you delete it right after downloading an alternate browser.

If you use this browser, you are:
A - new to computers
B - an idiot
C - someone who likes viruses and adware

Smart Person: I'm downloading Google Chrome with Internet explorer.
Idiot: *uses internet explorer* i haz many viruses!!!11!!11!!!111!! *pc breaks 5 minutes later*

2) I forgot to delete Internet explorer, now my pc has hundreds of viruses and ads on it! *breaks pc with a sledgehammer*
#internet explorer #ie #shit #firefox #google chrome #activex #horseshit #bullshit #internet
by iDontHaveAName December 28, 2014
When A country is divided by issues and it causes conflict between two camps.

Such As the British civil war, Parliment Vs. Royalty.

Or the French Civil War, where they introduced the use of the gullitine.

America is not the only country to have had a CIVIL war.
"Im learning about the Civil War in History"

"Oh, Gee, i know all about that, are you confused about the Missouri Compromise, i sure know i was"

". . . Red Roses, White Roses, Oliver Cromwell?"

"Silly, there wasn't any roses in The Civil War"

". . ."
#britain #france #cromwell #royalist #roses
by idonthaveaname October 01, 2006
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