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An american that thinks they know everything and can solve all of the problems. Basically they're an American democrat. European democrats are a completly different story, but American democrats tend to blame EVERYTHING negative happening on George Bush. Even though the president has little power nowadays when the legislative branch disagrees with them (which our legislative branch does because they're mostly democrats), they still think he is the cause for all problems, causing his approval rating to be at its record low. They are ignorant because they believe what Obama is saying, when he says things like "see what bush has done to wallstreet" when in fact he didnt, because he cant do things like that unless the democratic ruled congress agrees with him. so really he should be saying "see what democrats are doing to wallstreet". Not ALL American democrats are ignorant, but the vast vast vast majority of them are.
Bush: Lets fix wallstreet my way

Congress (dem. ruled): No, we will fix it our way

*congress attempts to fix it and fails miserably*

obama: See what bush has done! Vote for me! I'm black!

Ignorant Americans: Im voting for the black liar!

*McCain dies moments later at the age of 412*
by idontgotsaname420 September 30, 2008
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