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A person who has extremely hairy armpits.
Guy: "Did you see the afropits on Roberto?!"

Dude: "Ya! Man his pits are so hairy it looks like he has a nigger in a headlock!"
by idk_a_name February 03, 2010
When a girl receives a picture of a guys penis via text messaging.
Girl: OMG I just received a text from Brett!

Friend: What does it say?

Girl: Nothing! It's a picture of his dick!

Friend: Girl, you've been Favre'd!
by idk_a_name November 05, 2010
What is left over from a drink that doesn't amount to much.
(1) "Go ahead and drink the rest of the milk from the carton, there's only "A spit swallow" left.

(2) Joe: Can I have the rest of your Cola?"

Pete: Ya, there's only "A Spit Swallow" left.
by idk_a_name December 12, 2010

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