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1 definition by idiot pie

A 'Zube' is species of polykete worm that lives exclusively in the nostrils of french actor Gérard Depardieu. The worms measure 2" in length, and are a deep purple with bioluminous orange hairs surrounding each end. When startled, these worms will emit a strong electromagnetic pulse that will disable any enemy critical infrastructure computer systems, leaving them prone for attack. When Gérard Depardieu retires for the night, the worms are known to leave the comfort of their nostril home, and go to work at seedy local nightspots as strippers.
'By george, those zubes are a troublesome bunch of crazed pestilence.'
'Oi you, Zube - give us a lapdance, luv!'
by idiot pie August 28, 2008
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