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Thin Texas blondes who pursue rich classy black guys for the purposes of making a baby that will grow up to be the next star athlete or entertainer ala New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

A.K.A. Wall Street for white girls.
Amber is crazy. One minute she's saying the N-word, next thing you know, Jeter's an Astro.
by idiot buster April 20, 2005
a big time freak (see bustdown) that went/goes to sweet briar college.
Betsy LaFavre is a major league s.b.b. fo shizzle my fellow dazzling urbanite.
by Idiot Buster March 07, 2005
When a blonde or a group of blondes develop a crush on a black guy in the southern regions of the United States, a Nazi Brunette infiltrates the blonde clique in hopes of thwarting a possible interracial romance when not based on monetary exchange such as a drug deal. Blondes have been taught to grudgingly yield to brunette advice, as they are percieved as the 'smarter ones', but the Brunette Nazi usually has a mean spirited agenda of manipulation and/or hatred for all parties involved. See also: buzzkill.
Barbie was doing just fine until that Nazi Brunette Tammy 'stumbled' into her life. Now Barbie's love life is completely screwed. Barbie had to move away.
by Idiot Buster March 05, 2005
A weak show on ESPN where the only two people not actually screwing anybody and everybody are the two obvious choices, the black guy and the blonde chick. Subtle forum for the angry white man.
Tilt is a worst scam than vegas.
by Idiot Buster March 05, 2005
girls who screw basketball players and rock stars on alternate nights. see also: los angeles.
Who knew that the members of Motley Crue and the Portland Trailblazers were all cousins?
by Idiot Buster March 10, 2005
One who uses established code words on children in an attempt to prevent niggerdom. See also buzzkill.
The southern baptist minister was not very big on doing the interracial marriage of Tyrone and Jessica, but right is right.
by Idiot Buster March 05, 2005
What black women call blondes under their breath. see also: grey girls
Cockblocker: No grey goose for you tonight, nigga!
by idiot buster September 30, 2005

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