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The current highest quality brand of kitchen knives available. Most people who call this product a scam fall under these categories: were not hired, fired after a short period of time(usually in less than 4 weeks), have done any research, haven't done research at reputable sites and had a representative that wasn't very good. Cutco cutlery has been featured in many well known magazines and TV shows, such as Modern Marvels, Readers Digest, and How It's Made. All of which have proclaimed that Cutco IS the best. All Cutco knives come with a guarantee that no one else has, which features free sharpening forever as well as a money back guarantee for those who don"t want their knives. These will give you a small taste of what Cutco is:
My Cutco knives are the best!
by idealwithknownfactsonly October 26, 2009

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