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To stay on a topic too long and in too much detail.
The autistic child would dwelve on the train schedules for years.
by Icyhot January 25, 2008
A New York state political party, founded by a fat black man named Jimmy McMillan. It's main focus is how expensive rent is. Was made a Youtube hit after Jimmy McMillan appeared in a Governor debate for the 2010 NY election.

Carl Paladino: "You know what Andrew?"

Andrew Cuomo: "What, Carl."

Carl Paladino: "My rent is too damn high. That makes me mad as hell! And I can't take it anymore!"

Andrew Cuomo: "Shut the fuck up."
by IcyHot October 21, 2010
Combination of the yiddish word, mishegas, meaning craziness or crazy talk and fish. Crazy talk about fish.
That custom of tying a carp to the bed for better health is just a bunch of fishegass.
by Icyhot January 10, 2009
When you have hemorrhoids and you fart and a little poop comes out along with a little blood.
I had a hemoshart at work while wearing my smart new white pants. I don't know what was more embarrassing, the red or the brown. My shoes did not go with either.
by Icyhot January 10, 2009
Can also be spelled Shunicorn. It is a beautiful shoe you own. You cannot find its mate but it is too good to throw away. You will never wear it and it makes you sad.
Why do you have those beautiful single shoes on your shelf at work.

They are Shoenicorns and I am just thankful to be able to look at them
by Icyhot July 19, 2009
Lesbians that wear mullet-styled hair.
The K.D. Lang concert audience was mostly mullesbians. When will that foul hairstyle go away?
by Icyhot February 09, 2008
A pillow someone may use for cuddling or sexual purposes; the pillow simulates the sensation of spooning with a fluffy partner that will always satisfy your emotional and sexual needs without having to find a real person or spending money on a blow up doll.
"Are you sleeping in Jesse's room tonight?"


"Omg make sure you don't lay your head on his jig-it pillow, don't even want to think about what he's done with that thing..."
by IcyHot July 14, 2014
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