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adj. used to describe any noun that is difficult to describe using human langunage
"She went all squiggy-like, cuz i wouldn't tell her who it was."
by Icky Vicky January 20, 2004
Little Stalker Dude, a small boy who follows girls around, repeatedly asking them whether or not they are mud wrestlers.
LSD: "You look amazing."
Girl: *shudder*
by icky vicky November 13, 2004
a boy dyke. a lesbian, female-identified individual (to some extent, althou s/he may or may not use famle pronouns) who relates more to the male roles of society. s/he may feel partially or wholly transgender
no, she's not into femmes, she only dates butches, bois, and bykes.
by icky vicky April 23, 2005

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