3 definitions by ick

a town in new jersey
"im from moutain lakes new jersey"
"really, you must be rich"
"no, my parents are"
by ick April 05, 2005
not all of the boonton township people hate moutain lakes! how dare you speak for all of us, maybe thats how you feel, but i would choose moutain lakes over any other school, so dont try and speak for me "bob" so get over yourself
moutain lakers and boonton township kids love each other!
by ick April 10, 2005
Short for Zergling, usually used in the phrase "ling rush" which is an early attack with Zerglings in a game of starcraft.
The guy's ling rush killed the n00b in no time. (See n00b)
by Ick October 19, 2003

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