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1 definition by ichiban66

An Angelia is the most beautiful and sexy woman you will ever see. One could sit and just watch her for hours on end, never getting bored or restless but always feeling lucky and blessed just to have had that moment. An Angelia is very funny and even at times, dorky, in the things that say and are always at ease in crowds of people and very socialable. An Angelia can make anybody feel comfortable around her, even those that might feel shy from talking to someone as hot as she is. She can be oblivious sometimes to her effect on men and is very modest and humble about her looks but make no mistake, an Angelia is the sexiest woman you will ever encounter. Her figure is phenomenal, she is in fantastic shape and clothes look like they were designed around her body. A man will have endless dreams about what it must be like to have seconds alone with an Angelia and the man that is blessed that opportunity will memorize each and every moment that he gets. You will fall hopelessly in love with her the moment she first tilts her head to the side, lets her hair drape across her face and then flashes that absolutely perfect smile at you. You cannot resist Angelia and will question every decision that you had made in your life that managed to get you to this moment of meeting and falling in love with her. The man that meets an Angelia is truly a fortunate soul and will immediately know that there is nobody else in the world he should ever hope to meet. An Angelia is absolute perfection.
OMG, I was out the other night and met this amazing woman. She was definitely an Angelia!
by ichiban66 January 25, 2013