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Term used in countries with below freezing temperatures in a reaction to Apple's stupid Pressure Sensitive Resistive touchscreens that don't allow the use of gloved hands. Rather than take your gloves off, people with more pointed noses use the aforementioned body part to do basic functions on the phone, using the already cold nose in place of a currently warm gloved hand. Also leads to iMyopia in the long term.
"It's freezing out there. Hang on while I answer this phone using the iSmear method with my iNose...."
by ichats February 05, 2010
Condition prevalent in very cold countries where people answer their Pressure Sensitive Resistive touch-screen enabled iPhones with their nose rather than remove their warm hands from their gloves, since the iPhone does not allow gloved hands to do anything on their phones. Answering with the nose in the iNose method does lead to a temporary condition of cross-eyed iMyopia.
Damn! Am getting iMyopia from all this iNosing.
by ichats February 05, 2010

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