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Noun; A beard made of pubic hair and secured to the person's face by semen. The Beard of Lincoln is "given" by a man that ejaculates on their sexual partner's chin and cheeks, then rips a handful of his (or their) pubic hair and sprinkles the hair onto the semen. The semen secures the pubic hair to their face and resembles a beard.
"I busted my load on her chin, ripped out a handful of my pubic hair and threw it on the load." You would reply, "Oh man, you gave her the Beard of Lincoln."
by iceman 69 December 23, 2009
Noun; Word used by sport-fisherman to describe an enormous catch. A boss fish is usually at the top of the food-chain, meaning that there is no other fish in the area that would dare contend with it. When a fish slams on an angler's line and it is clear that the animal is not an ordinary fish, it is obvious that the fish is a boss. On occasion, the fish comes in slowly and it is unclear whether or not the fish is a boss. Once the fish is actually witnesses, it can be determined if it is a boss.
If your line gets slammed by a fish and it is instantly clear that it's a monster, you can vocally declare, "Hell yea! It's a boss!" This can be assigned to any species as long as the animal is extraordinarily large for it's species. Example: Boss-Bass, Boss-Pike, Boss-Walleye, etc.
by iceman 69 December 28, 2009
Bogue is a word used to describe a person's condition when they are withdrawing from opiates like heroin, vicodin and morphine. It is the same as being dope-sick. The person usually has consumed a steady supply of the opiate, generally for 3 or more days and the Bogue feeling will start within 16 to 24 hours after they last used. The flu-like symptoms include, but are not limited to diarrhea, chills, sweats, hallucinations, vomiting, insomnia, tight skin and a powerful urge to obtain the drug that they are withdrawing from.
"I got popped for possession coming off a $100.00 a day smack habit and got thrown in jail for five days." "Oh man I'm I'm sorry. Bogue in jail? Wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

"First thing in the morning I'm gonna roll down to the spot to cop some work off my connect. Then I can get off bogue."
by iceman 69 January 06, 2010
Usually occurring in women and sometimes in men, Ravaged is a condition that makes a man or women appear to be 10 or more years older then they actually are. The primary cause of this condition is chain-smoking cigarettes for any number of years. The person's appearance (usually in women) is characterized by premature wrinkles, dried skin, yellowing teeth and nails and a general look of bad health, as if stricken by a life draining plague. A Ravaged person is likely to light up within seconds if they're not already choking down a smoke. Ravaged people can often be witnessed huddled around an outdoor ashtray in sub-zero conditions, oblivious to the cold as they feed their addiction.
"Man, that chick is ugly before her years. Look at how tobacco has ravaged her utterly."
by iceman 69 December 29, 2009
(im-bi-sill-i-nater) n. Any device used to perform a task designed to simulate exercise but in truth, nothing is being accomplished other than looking like an imbecile. Any alleged workout machine or device that has the imbecile rock back and forth without accomplishing anymore than a child would on a swing-set.
That guy is 100 pounds overweight and instead of getting on the Human Hamster Wheel and actually burning real calories, he's swinging back and forth on that imbecilenator and is completely wasting his time.

"I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and then pretended to keep working out by rocking back and forth on that imbecilenator. I should have just stayed on the Human Hamster Wheel and actually worked out for real."

An ab-roller is guaranteed to accomplish nothing other than make you look like an idiot. Don't waste your time rocking back and forth on that imbecilenator. Get on the stair-master and sweat for real you imbecile!
by iceman 69 April 12, 2015
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