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Term used to describe enormous lines of cocaine, methamphetamine, special k, heroin or any other snortable drug. A Rail is used to describe the same thing but in moderate portions. A Trucker Rail is at least double in size. Perhaps as wide as a person's thumb and several inches long. Trucker's are notorious for snorting methamphetamine Trucker Rails to stay awake on long hauls over the road.
1. Tony Montana was so depressed that his only way to cope was to snort Trucker Rails of coke until he was more or less bullet-proof and psychotic.
2. The trucker knew that driving from Maine to California was gonna be a long haul so he snorted a few Trucker Rails of speed to stay awake and alert.
3. With finals approaching, the graduate student had no choice but to snort Trucker Rails of Adderall to keep his edge and stay up for 5 days studying.
by iceman 69 December 29, 2009
Phrase used to describe a bizarre the act of a woman taking a dump and a man being aroused by it. It's like a reverse blumpkin The woman is on the seat and the man actually witnesses the actual dump coming out.
When a girl sits backwards on a toilet seat and takes a crap while a man is watching. You would say "She did that? She gave you a peeping bomb."
by iceman 69 December 22, 2009
A condition in which a man's scrotum fuses to his inner thigh due to high humidity or sticky environments.
Not only did I have a horrible case of swampass but I was experiencing fuseball as well.

I forgot to apply baby powder to my nuts before I went jogging and now I have a case of fuseball.
by iceman 69 July 17, 2010
1. Cigaretted-Out is a condition where a person, usually women, is utterly Ravaged by tobacco. The symptoms include dry skin, yellow teeth, crow's feet and a general look of bad health.

2. Cigaretted-Out can also describe a smoker's condition after several hours of steady chain-smoking at an event like a concert. The thought of having another cigarette makes them sick at that point because they have achieved the maximum amount of nicotine that the body will allow.
1. "Look how Ravaged that girl is. She's 25 and looks like she's 40! She's all Cigaretted-Out."

2. "I just got home from Woodstock. I musta smoked 20 packs of cigarettes in 4 days. I'm totally Cigaretted-Out!"
by iceman 69 January 04, 2010
Armor constructed from newspapers, department-store advertisements, cardboard, phonebooks or any type of junk that can be found in the mailbox. The purpose of junkmail is the same as for chainmail, that is to stop knives and shanks from piercing organs. Prisoners all over the world have used junkmail for as long as paper products have been in circulation. Ideally, junkmail should cover the chest, abdomen and sternum, being at least 2 inches thick. Junkmail is light weight, easy to forge and practical for use in any prison gang-war. It is called junkmail because it is constructed from junk and can be disposed of easily.
The prisoner survived the violent rival gang hit, only because of the junkmail he was wearing.
by iceman 69 December 29, 2009
Noun; phrase used to describe dried up semen that has gone from a liquid to a solid, usually found on the lower back of someone's sexual partner the next day after they passed out face down. Alabama Chips can be found on solid surfaces like a glass table as well.
A guy will tell his friends, "I busted my massive load on her back and I peeled the Alabama Chips off the next day and fed them to her!"
by iceman 69 December 23, 2009
When you have spent your entire vacation in a motel room having sex, several areas of your body are left with reddened chafe marks resembling a sunburn. The reddish marks are found on the kneecaps, buttocks, groin and hips.
I went to Vegas with a nympho and all I have to show for it is this brutal Motel Sunburn.

So you went to Hawaii for your honeymoon and you don't even have a tan. But I'll bet you have a fantastic Motel Sunburn!

He's taking that slut to Jamaica for a week. The only thing he's coming back with is a scorching case of Motel Sunburn.
by iceman 69 November 12, 2010

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