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Short for 'unlucky'.
"I just shot myself in the foot."
"Unlucks blud!"
by icedout May 20, 2005
Sarcastic put-down. Has taken the place of the oft-used whatever.
"50 Cent rules!"
by icedout May 20, 2005
Used by non-whites to denote feelings of thanks and appreciation. Always as a single word so that it remains grammatically incorrect.
"Take a toke on this."

"I'll slap that nigga down for you."
"Gratitude son."
by icedout May 20, 2005
Term of endearment used between fellow Pakistanis in the same way nigga is used by blacks. Not to be used by whites.
"Easy now paki check dat desi fly chick!"
"Nah paki she dutty son."
by icedout May 20, 2005

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