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A bipedal primate that generally lives in darkness, and is highly efficient in surviving through extreme conditions.

The creature has enhanced senses, particularly hearing, and taste.

Scientists believe this nocturnal creature can assist next stage of human evolution.
Shakil is aware of our presence.
by icecoldwink April 12, 2009
This is a term for all 'icecold' individuals that are positioned in the United Kingdom 'uk'. These are individuals capable of living in extreme conditions.

Unlike normal creatures which have features to adapt to environments, scientists believe this creature survives by lying to itself, and denying what it can see and feel.
Icecolduk is eating ice-cream in a blizzard.
by icecoldwink April 12, 2009
This is a unique type of character that is often seen in massively multiplayer online games.

The character is feared by all enemies as a demon, and revered by friends as an unstable god of destruction.

The player is known to kill any moving thing in its view, ranging from little kittens to massive overlords.

Look its our Warcraft savior Daemonuk!
by Icecoldwink April 12, 2009

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