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DICTIONARY STYLE: school work given to students to be completed at home
MINE AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT ISNT A TEACHER'S STYLE: an absolute waste of time. lets go to school to sit on our asses and listen to a teacher talk the whole period, while we could be doing work that is now classified as homework. we could be out with friends having fun or locked in our rooms in an intense game of modern warfare 2 or uncharted 2 or whatever game you play or playing sports preventing obesity or doing whatever the fuck we need to get by in our lives without hurting or killing ourselves. by the way, hillary clinton is a cock licking dick sucking wang fucking bitch who wants to give us school on saturday and 7 hours a day instead of 6-6.5.
homework causes (in me and my friends at least): suicidal thoughts, hating a teacher, hating school, hating life, not being able to have a life, taking away valuable free time, writing definitions of it on urban dictionary.
me: "Mrs fuckhole gave out so much homework the day we got back from christmas break. i just found out thats the reason why whats-her-face killed herself.
friend: "...*silence*...
me: "bob? billy bob joe? bing bong bob? bubbity bubba bob? hey bob why arent you- HOLY SHIT"
*friend lies there with a gun next to him with a hole in his head and a note that says "fuck homework fuck my life fuck you all good bye"
by iceBomb34 January 03, 2010

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