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A film that has the following formula:
Two people fall in love
They get along fine
There is some kind of misunderstanding
They break up
They get back together
The end.
Oh no, not another boring formulaic chick flick!
by ice26 February 15, 2009
A type of practical joke which usually involves taking the victim's cellphone and texting a friend or relative with some devastating news. The victim then has their cellphone returned to them, and are left to deal with the consequences of the text message - which is all intended in good humour. The name Brikesh is derived from the inventors of the joke - two Portsmouth university students called Brijesh and Malkesh.
Amelia was the victim of a Brikesh when they texted her mum to say that she was pregnant.
by ice26 December 22, 2008
Verb meaning that somebody has been the victim of a Brikesh practical joke.
Nik got Brikesh'd by Brij and Kesh.
by ice26 December 24, 2008
Acronym for "Oh do fuck off"
You are getting on my nerves Timmy, ODFO !
by ice26 March 05, 2009

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