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Ford Mustang
esp. later models
I blowed the doors off that Wustang.
by ice cream man September 22, 2003
Refers to a woman's wobbly bits, ie the bum, hips and tits. It is not offensive but not frequently used by chavs or chavettes. Its just the facts.
guy: "look at that girl"
hairdresser: "she sure knows how to shake her lotita"
by Ice Cream Man May 13, 2006
these is why yo girl is wet

yo girl sees my rims and her coochie is gettn wet just watchin em' spin
by ice cream man September 14, 2003
Straw or other tube used for smoking methamphetamines
Hey dog, hand me that tooty.
by Ice Cream Man July 15, 2003
dope dealer, rap entrereneur, that pisses on some whiney bitches.
Master P m-m-m-make crack like diss.
by ice cream man September 22, 2003
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