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1 definition by icare

(1) To make racist jokes in front of persons of color, or any other majority or minority group, or in a public place.
(2) Use of the word "nigger" in front of persons of color, whether they are American or non-American, or in a public place.
(3) To work really, strenuously hard; typically for little pay. To be a slave.
(4) To abuse another person because of something out of their control, such as skin color, race, or a disability.
(1 and 2)
- "Why did that guy beat me up?"
- "Ah, because you went niggering out on the patio"

(3) "Ma, I won't be home until midnight because I was niggering all day. Please bring me some cookies."

(4) "It's not cool to go niggering at someone just because they're 4'11."
by icare January 11, 2006
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