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Teenagers (typically females) from mid to high income families with little to no disposable income due to high mortgages, car payments, etc have been know to engage in prostitution. These teenagers can typically be found in large malls standing or walking around sucking on a lollipop. The teenagers will perform sexual acts in exchange for money to purchase designer clothing and/or clothing that fits the latest trends.

A typical "lollipop girl" would be wearing pajama pants or sweatpants and a tank top or similar casual top. The dead give away, as stated before, is the lollipop in their mouth. One would not be surprised to see them enjoying the lollipop in a seductive way.

If you find one of these girls in your local mall you should probably avoid them as they are most likely jailbait.
"All I could find in the mall yesterday was lollipop girls."

"Damn, there are so many lollipop girls today they are a dime a dozen!"
by iburnmycd August 01, 2006

The act being decimated so completely that it is as if you were curb stomped by Edward Norton.
I was trying to play the Michael Jackson Experience for the Kinect and that game edward norton'd me.
by iburnmycd September 04, 2012
A work that defines itself that one person has used for ever as a screen name on many mediums. This person has the ability to go to just about any major site and use this username and somehow the account belongs to them.
You: So What exactally does your username mean?

Him: IBurnMyCd? You're kidding right?
by iburnmycd January 09, 2005

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