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1 definition by iareskippy

Meltem is a beautiful, wonderful, amazing woman who, once you meet her, you can't help but fall in love with her. At first sight. Like out of a fairy tale. She's complex and brilliant, and she challenges you in ways that you've never been challenged before. She's charismatic, alluring, and intoxicating and she makes you feel things you never felt. She is full of a lust for life that you've never felt, and exposes layers of your humanity you may have never experienced if you hadn't met her. She makes you a bigger, better person by being the biggest and best person you've ever known. She enriches your life, and literally make your life better than anyone else's just by smiling at you. Knowing Meltem is the greatest privilege and the greatest honor in life, and if you are lucky enough to know Meltem, you are blessed better than everyone else.
Guy 1 - I met the most incredible woman last night.

Guy 2 - Was her name Meltem?

Guy 1 - No, it was Sally.

Guy 2 - Then you didn't meet the most incredible woman last night.
by iareskippy May 09, 2012