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a super annoying, triple-hippie-dipped stoner type. usually a surfer, snowboarder, or both. generally found west of the rockies, predominantly in colorado and california. easily identified and avoided by their unique brand of "bro speak".
snowboarder1: hey brocephus.. did you see that sick "3" i just stomped on that pow-pow?!

snowboarder2: nah bro brah, i was too busy carvin' freshies!
by iaremsejr August 02, 2010
a discreet way of querying someone as to whether or not they're "holding" (weed) - referencing the protagonist of j.d. salinger's classic novel.
seeker: you holden caufield?

dealer: yeah.. what you need?
by iaremsejr August 02, 2010
slant-eyed and slack-jawed: stoned to the bone.
man, that kush you packed up last night got me so stonefaced i couldn't see straight to drive home.
by iaremsejr August 02, 2010
the lesser of two evils.
all politicians are cocksucking snakes-in-the-grass, but the democrats are certainly preferable to the neocons.
by iaremsejr August 02, 2010
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