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4 definitions by ian rocks!

boobs/tits/breasts/hooters/jugs/sweater cows/ta tas/
magic bouncing milk trucks are a tasty treat
by ian rocks! March 14, 2005
a new more powerful molest. so powerful in fact in can be deadly at times.
mostly used in games.
that guy died of bolestation
by ian rocks! March 02, 2005
half moose, half cat, a huge creature that is about the size of a large R.V. can swallow children whole and like to smash chinkens
ahhh! look out! that moose cat is coming right for us!
by ian rocks! March 02, 2005
1)random bacon is a kind of bacon that is unexpected and tend to be the best kind of bacon.
2)bacon that appears from nowhere
1)carl:i want some bacon for breakfast
peggy: theres already some made
carl: wow! random bacon
2)carl: wow some bacon fell into my lap that sure is some random bacon
by ian rocks! March 02, 2005