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a female that has lost all face value due to fucking 1 or more niggers.
"Remember when Crystal wasnt a shit castle?" "Yeah man, first niggers, whats next, Dobermans??"
by Ian June 14, 2006
1) During The Holocaust, When the German authorities herded the Jewish population of Poland first into urban areas, and subsequently into ghettos, they required each community to form a Jewish Council. The councils acted as intermediaries to carry out the Nazis increasingly oppressive dictates, such as providing forced labor battalions for German war factories, and eventually even delivering Jews directly to the trains bound for the death camps.

2) Any modern-day Jew who has forgotten the lessons of history and is willing to advocate persecution of another group, such as homosexuals.

3) See also: Hypocrite, Traitor
The Grand Rabbi is the Chaplain for The City of Boston, yet this Judenrat compares homosexuals to dogs and says they should not be allowed to get married.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Phantom hats or phantom glasses occur when you've been wearing said apparel for some time and can still feel them after they're no longer on your person. Peace.
"I've got a phantom hat on."

"No, Greg, you just haven't showered in three days. Pass the Pam."
by Ian February 02, 2004
short for hennesy, a congac
"...got cris on pop, HENNEY with no CHASER mommy dont stop...."
-fat joe/r kelly "we thuggin"
by Ian April 30, 2003
A can of Coca Cola with a pubic hair in it.
"Is that a pubic hair in my coke," the judge said to his staffer, which is why the Clarence Cola incident was addressed at his confirmation hearing.
by Ian December 07, 2004
Being fairly buzzed, but not quite drunk.
I was only half cut so I was able to get away from the cops. I can't feel my penis.
by Ian January 20, 2004
A local hangout to get drinks and chill.The joint to get da booze
PHAT JOE: Man let's bust this joint go on down to the hood pop.
EAZYE-G: Word up PJ my nizzle'
by Ian July 06, 2004

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