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one that is awesome.
if ever you meet one, you are blessed.
truly bless.
jesabels only come around once in a lifetime.
so don't miss your shot.
i saw a jesabel the other day and i was in awe.
by iamthewalrusbitch March 12, 2011
the great escape to eliminating noise when one has to fart.
the act of sitting on a carpet and farting, allowing the fart to be picked up by the carpet, therefore, eliminating all sound.
I was with my girlfriend last night, and i had to let on rip, so i carpet farted.

I was with my boyfriend last night, and it started to smell really bad, but i didnt hear a fart sound. I assume he must have carpet farted.
by iamthewalrusbitch March 12, 2011
Otoniel is the word for the lint found in one's belly-botton.
There was so much otoniel in that guy's belly-button, it's crazy!!
by iamthewalrusbitch March 12, 2011

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