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The opposite of male chauvinism, female chauvinism is a misguided belief that women are superior to men, as opposed to being equal. This view is held by many feminists.
Female chauvinism? Goddamn hypocrites
by iamthemoon December 13, 2011
Being attracted to a person due to a difference in height.
I think i have anasteemaphilia. My girlfriend doesnt even come up to my shoulders and that really turns me on.
by iamthemoon July 29, 2009
The belief that women are superior to men. In order to maintain credibility among the general population, this belief is usually portrayed as making women equal to men. This is false, as women are not equal to men. This is called biology. Women are the intellectual equals of men and have always been treated as such, feminism seeks to make women "equal" in other ways, usually by demonisng men at every turn.
A woman chops a man's penis off because he wants a divorce, woman is celebrated.
A man asks a woman for coffee, man is a rapist somehow.
Isn't feminism wonderful..?
by iamthemoon July 31, 2011
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