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2 definitions by iamtdean

You take a girl paragliding and instead of giving her a parasail you throw her off the gliff, glide down and safe her from certain death and proceed to fuck her in the air.
Guy: Hey wanna go parasailing?
Girl: ooh that sounds exciting, can we try the batman boner?
Guy: ehh i did that last weekend, my penis has to recover
by iamtdean October 06, 2011
6 4
the term too mainstream was dubbed overused by some beanie wearing hipster therefore the term furthermore predominant became necessary. it means too mainstream its just more obscure, like brackets and vans off the walls.
dirty hipster: showers are furthermore predominant
lonely hipster: sex is furthermore predominant
illiterate hipster: cant read this shit anyway but if he could he would probably dub it furthermore predominant.
by iamtdean October 24, 2011
2 1