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The loss of ones ability to differentiate between the events that happen at multiple Baseball/Slo-Pith tournaments through out ones career.
Sorry, i think you are right, that was not last weekend, that was at the tourney last month. Must be the ballzheimer's acting up again.
by iamsanman March 24, 2010
1) A fond term used when not wanting to insult a person or group of Asians by labeling them as one nationality or another. 2) A word used to describe something with an Asian trait, characteristic or feel to it. 3) Can be used synonymously with the term Feng Shui when describing interior design.
You look very Asiential in your kimono.
by iamsanman March 24, 2010
Someone of a mixed Chinese/English descent.
I don't know what nationality she is for sure, maybe Chinglish...
by iamsanman March 24, 2010
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