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2 definitions by iamnoone

A fighting contest where both parties stand stationary, facing one another at less than arms reach.They take turns throwing single punches to the face. You are not allowed to block or dodge the punches. The winner is the last one standing. It is similar to roshambo.
Eskimo boxing is just like bloody knuckles but with your face.
by iamnoone December 11, 2008
Hitler-loving money grubbin Nazi-actin dicks who thinks they are God's gift to the world and complain about America whereas if they don't like it, they should go back to where they came from. So fuck off (English translation of faulstich)
Joe: that guy is complaining about politics and he's not even from America
John: that's a faulstich for ya
Joe: I complain about America, but that's my country, like my family--I can talk about em cuz they're MY people. So fuck off if you don't like it!!
John: yeah you tell em!!
by Iamnoone November 22, 2012