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2 definitions by iamkvogel

Affectionate or not-so-affectionate name for Strongbow cider (depending on whether you like it - I like it), a cheap volume drinking apple-derived alcoholic beverage found mainly in the UK. May induce gut rot and make you lairy.
"I was feeling pretty ropey when I got to the club but I got on the wrongbow and after 5 or 6 cans I was proper twunted"
by iamkvogel May 29, 2008
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Some beers are drunk for their taste. Some beers are drunk for their alcohol content. Others are for volume drinking. Sometimes you want a cheap, not too alcoholic drink that you can sit and get steadily drunk with, without getting twatted after a few pints. In the UK drinks such as Carling and Strongbow do this job. Not the classiest or the tastiest drinks, but you can get into double figures without making a tit out of yourself.
"Fancy a Stella?"
"No, mate, I'm on the Carling. Strictly volume drinking tonight"
by iamkvogel May 29, 2008
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