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The formal union of two men or two women.

On the Yahoo! News comment page for an article about the gay marriage vote in Australia, there were many people expressing their opinions, most of their comments barely legible because of poor spelling and grammar. One of these outraged Australian citizens, we'll call him Scotty, had this to say:

"The oxford dictionary defines the word MARRIAGE as the formal union of a MAN and a WOMAN, you stole the word GAY from OUR vocabulary just leave the word MARRIAGE alone, you maggots, why can't you just make up your own word, and do that besides playing choo choo trains."

The gay community immediately dropped their choo choo trains and agreed with Scotty. It would be much easier to add a completely different word to the dictionary, rather than slightly change the definition for 'marriage', which is many centuries old. Thus, they pulled a bogus word out of their asses and invented 'floosh'. Floosh is the exact same thing as marriage, but it only applies to gay people.

To avoid having to change the meaning of any other words in the straight people dictionary, homosexuals throughout the globe are in the process of creating a completely different vocabulary that is compiled of words that only gay people may use. 'The Coxford Dictionary' is expected to be released around September 2069, and will feature a picture of Scotty next to the definition of 'ignorantfuckingbogan', meaning 'anyone who posts stupid comments on Yahoo! News'.
Yasmin and I are getting flooshed tomorrow, I'm so excited!

Walter decided he was going to save his virginity until floosh.

Sudha's parents planned an arranged floosh for her.

The flooshing ceremony was beautiful!

Sean, will you floosh me?

Devoted Christian: Jesus Christ does not approve of floosh!
Devoted faggot: Screw you.
by iamawordsmith November 19, 2010

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