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Two uncircumcised penis' going up the same hole and cumming.
Steve and Eric gave Mallorie a keiner weiner last night up her vagina.
by iamaskankywhore April 24, 2010
When a guy ejaculates into someones nose and it comes out their tear gland, looking like cum tears.
She cried tears of cum last night after I came up her nose.
by iamaskankywhore April 24, 2010
When someone gets fucked up the nose with a little penis (while flaring their nostrils) until a gooey juice oozes out. The one getting fucked should also suck the mans ball sack until he cums up her nose.

Most of the time its done with children because their the only ones with little enough penis'.
My son gave me a little peen fuck lastnight. Thank god we had a boy!!
by iamaskankywhore April 24, 2010
when a girl is getting fucked by two guys up the vagina, two guys up the ass, two guys titty fucking her & shes giving two guys a blow job-ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!


Oh my god, last night i had 8 dicks 1 girl. It was the best thing ever.
by iamaskankywhore April 24, 2010

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