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the day in which you are not allowed to wear deoderant and you must have a sweaty fringe, just like e.g

everybody loves e.g day! the best holiday of the year, 15th May, or just every day because WE LOVE E.G SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH
(whilst hanging out a window) HAPPY E.G DAY!!!
by iamachicken May 15, 2008
one who is extremely orange and walks like a person of a horsey nature
"look at that horse. it looks like gobbers"
by iamachicken May 08, 2008
oh its the most wonderful time of the year! (8) every may 15th there is a national holiday, to celebrate e.g. you mumst not wear deodrant this day!
happy e.g day everyone! i hope your not wearing deodrant
by iamachicken May 15, 2008
one who cheats on her SATs (sweaty animal tests)
"she is such an e.g nobody else ate a test tablet before shakespeare"
by iamachicken May 08, 2008
one who uses paper to satisfy her needs. their fringe also produces its own sweat, along with the sweat off her head which they produce in large amounts. one who is a horse and eats horse, prefers it to be sweaty hay. one who is a work theif because all their mind thinks about is hay and otters. one who is best friends with a gobbers.
"look at that e.g, thats a respectable trot"
by iamachicken May 08, 2008
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