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A town on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina. It is known for blacks/ros bbq and sundrop. There is also Carolina Speedway, where the entire town goes to redneck it up. Even girls who are snobby bitches go and wear the heels and act like they're country, just to fit. Basically, Gastonia is full of rednecks and girls who are fake. But hey, at least we have good bbq.
Did you see that Gastonian being redneck?
by ialwayswinbitch March 12, 2012
A town in Tennessee where the sluttiest of all sluts live. They send pictures of themselves to your boyfriend even though they live in a different state. They become obsessed easily but have mental disorders. I would stay away from Kingsport if I were you.
Did you see Hannah in Kingsport?
by ialwayswinbitch September 28, 2011
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