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Acronym (abbreviation) for Big Ugly Woman. Repulsive female salad-dodger. Blumper.

Opposite of BBW or big beautiful woman.

Not all plumpers are beautiful. Some are....some ain't.
Dude1: 'Hey Dave, You're into bloaters aren't you? Would you like me to get you a date with Salad-Dodging Sally?"

Dude2: 'Sally?!!! Are you kidding...she's a total BUW!"

Dude1: 'Heh, don't you mean BBW?'

Dude2: 'No, I mean what I said...She's a 'big ugly woman'...a 'B.U.W.'

Dude1: 'Haha, I've not heard that one before!'

Dude2: 'I'm not surprised....I just made it up!'
by iainus maddismus December 12, 2006
Female you wouldn't touch with a barge-pole. Slut. Whore.

Possibly a prostitute, crack-head, shoplifter or some other filthy low-life that wouldn't bother washing her fanny (not that i've got anything against these types of people you understand).

Made famous by Robert de niro in taxi driver.
Punter: 'How much for CIM?'

Streetgirl: '£15'

Punter: 'How much to sniff your minge?'

Streetgirl: 'Er, I've just had 3 truckers gangbang me bareback, so you'll probably want to avoid that whole area!'

Punter: 'Nice one....I love sloppy seconds, how much to eat you out?'

Streetgirl: 'Er, it'll be extra since you're into it!'

Punter: 'You fucking skunkpussy !!!! ....oh go on then."
by iainus maddismus December 18, 2006

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