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goat worryer
is he a ferien? Is he a goat worryer
by Iain October 08, 2003
see barclays, but surfing the web.
sorry mom, i know casualty is on, but i need to do some internet banking.
by iain May 19, 2004
A cool person, who is also very popular and funny, and looks a bit like Steve McQueen perhaps.
Hey Dave, I wish as much of a wankface as you, you get all the ladies frothing and that.
by Iain February 18, 2005
Noun, adjective and interjection.
Variant spelling of 'baws'.
Scottish dialect for 'balls'.

1. Noun
Slang for 'testicles'. Commonly used figuratively.

2. Adjective (pejorative)
'To be bawz' is to be undesirable or unfavourable (tends to only apply to inanimate objects).

3. Interjection
Shows disapproval. Used in the same way as same way as 'Damn!' or 'Shite!'.
1- Joe's bawz were aching for hours after Iain's terrific bawslap.

Iain: "I kicked Joe's ass at Tekken last night!"
Joe: "Don't talk bawz! You've never beaten me at Tekken, you're crap!"

2- That car is bawz, it can only do 30mph!

3- Bawz! You beat me again!
by Iain January 10, 2005
Cool, Former IMMORTAL of The GTASB on www.gamefaqs.com
by Iain August 17, 2003
1. Noun
Scottish dialect slang term for 'testicle'.
Can also be used figuratively as a pejorative term to describe a person. Similar in meaning to arse or fanny when used in the same way.

2. Prefix
Used as a prefix, 'baw-' means of or relating to testicles, either literally or figuratively.
1. "Joe's left baw is bigger than his right one."

1(fig). "Joe, you're such a baw sometimes!"

2. "Bawbag, bawslap bawchin, and bawhands are all examples of words which take the baw- prefix."
by Iain January 10, 2005
The art of throwing grenades at the start of a multiplayer game of Call of Duty in order to suprise and kill at least one unsuspecting stupid gamer.
Fucking hell dont move in too quick they'll be nade spamming the right flank.
by iain May 14, 2004

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