30 definitions by iain

A perveyor of ejaculate
That Jude Law is a veritable spaffmonger
by iain December 10, 2004
slang term for a girl's private region.
Hey man look over there, you can see jessica's puntang!!
by iain April 05, 2003
A rockover is the result of attending to many rock shows over a short period of time. Symptoms include: Tinnitus (Ringing ears), tiredness, hearing loss, nausea and fatigue. Other side effects are torn, stolen or dirtied clothing, alarming odours and minor injuries.
I didn't get home until 3 last night, I have such a rockover, I'm going to call in sick
by Iain May 15, 2007
An upright and firm penis
OH MY LORD! is that an erection he is sporting?
by Iain March 05, 2003
To eat alot very quickly.
"He totally galoushed down his food"
by Iain November 30, 2004
The term for an investor of Viragen International on the American Stock Exchange.
Symbol: VRA
This term can also be used for anyone who experiences a 80% loss on a single investment in a year
"Hey, did you see all the Viratards on the message board at Yahoo Finance?
by iain July 22, 2004
when someone behaves like a complete asshole, they are a tilc.
get your shitty hands out of my ass you tilc!

get your shitty hands off my sandwich you tilc!

get your shitty hands off my breasts you tilc!
by iain March 29, 2004

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