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A man that will wander over to you, and offer sage like advise. May be in the form of an insult.
My friend came over for dinner. When she left she had a flat tire and asked that I come out to help her. The Wandering Russian was near with his kid and walked over to us, saw that when I went to remove the wheel nuts that the tire was moving. He said that we needed to put the emergency break on (which i asked her and she said she did). She opened up the car to prove it was in fact, on. Then he reached in and really put the break on. He then turned to me and said, "Never trust women when it comes to cars".
by iadas August 10, 2011
Mean "Whirl my dick around". Normally used in a sentence to as an action.
I'm going to the mall tonight to wmda
by iadas June 13, 2011

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