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A black person who pretends to be hood or gangsta but is secretly a wanksta who larps and plays dungeons and dragons.
"Hey my nigga wat it do Fool.(Later that day)I am the dungeon master and i shall smite you with my sword of justice
are you really black or just a black white nerd
by iaakra_28 October 04, 2010
Someone who refuses to view or purchase a movie because there a prejudice and racist doushebag
Kelly your such a movie racist because you refuse to go and see the new karate because its about a black kid being taught kung-fu by a chinese guy.
by iaakra_28 October 04, 2010
The highest state of awesome and greatness ,being considered the greatest of all time.
Micheal Jackson's Awesomenessity we live on forever in the hearts of his family and friends.
by iaakra_28 December 13, 2009
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