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Vanity plate for:
1. I love tofu
2. I love to fuck you
DMV: ILVTOFU? Sorry, but I'm already married.

Woman: To tofu?
by iViking April 08, 2009
To be acceptable for a certain purpose.
Because my brother works with tuxedos, I turned to him to see if my prom tux would pass muster for next week's prom.
by iViking April 11, 2011
The Monday night football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers on October 5, 2009. Brett Favre has gained plenty of attention for playing against a team he played with for 15 years, the Packers, as the starting quarterback for the Vikings. Vikings won the game 30-23, and with that victory, Favre accomplished a new milestone: He becomes the only quarterback in NFL history to have defeated all 32 teams in his career. He will also eventually become the oldest quarterback in the NFL when he turns 40 on Saturday, October 10.
Never forget October 5, 2009. History will remember this as the Favre Bowl. The legend continues. Brett Favre is a football god.
by iViking October 05, 2009
An elderly person who is quite strong and hardy for his/her age.
My neighbor is an 81-year-old iron horse who mows his lawn and carries heavy loads up and down the stairs.
by iViking April 28, 2010
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