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When gamers have a giant ego and think they are really good at a certain video game. (usually Call Of Duty)

These people are really not very good and an average skilled player could easily beat them. They usually use the easiest and overused tactics on you( Dropshotting,Pre-firing,Mp40 Jugg, M16, etc.)

They will also have the most retarded gamertags that include alternating caps, double uncapital i's, and use of the periodic table of elements.

They usually have retarded bios talking about their gb clan and how good they are and an MLG Gamerpicture.
MLG Wannabes iiTz Pr0N0XiiDe and SwAgGeR SkiiLzZ were dropshotting and clutching a Search And Destroy match in Call Of Duty 4 with their M16 Red Dots. In their bios they mentioned their DubZ clan is 4-3 on gb and they are ranked 15k!
by iSouljaBoytellem June 03, 2009

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