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1 definition by iPhoneiTouch1

He's the Douche bag Ghost.
Guy: How there, Casper.

Jasper drop the guy's pants down.

Guy: Hey!
Jasper: Ha! Ha! Someone call UPS, as a small package that needs be delivered.
Guy: I thought you were supposed to be a friendly ghost.
Jasper: Idiot! I'm his brother Jasper the douche bag ghost.
Narrator: Jasper the douche bag ghost. The douchest ghost possessed. He'll call you names and act real mean until you feel depressed. He'll always say:
Jasper: Fuck you! And lick my sack you fairy.
Narrator: He's is so damn crude and so damn rude. Jasper the douche bag ghost.

The wake

Priest: We will always remember Annie, but she truly is in a better place.

Jasper possess Annie and stands the corpse up.

People: Ahhh.
Herman: Grandma! I'm so glad you're alive.
Jasper: Herman, you were always my least favorite grandson.

Jasper abandons Annie's corpse which then fells over her grandson.

Jasper: Ha! Ha! Retards!
Narrator: Jasper the douche bag ghost.
Jasper: Lick my sack!
by iPhoneiTouch1 July 23, 2009