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An online "secure" payment website that leeches off of all payments (especially on eBay), holds the payments for 21 days just to enjoy watching you rip your fucking brains out, and likes to fuck your profit in the ass. This company AND eBay must be taken down.
*Person sells an expensive item on eBay for $2000*

PayPal: Your $2000 is currently being held in a temporary balance.

*21 days later*

PayPal: We're sorry but this transaction is suspected of being fraudulent. Please wait another 21 days for us to investigate your account.

*21 days later*

PayPal: Investigation is complete. We're sorry but we must hold your payment of $2000 just a bit longer because we enjoy pissing you the fuck off. Please wait 6 months for us to further investigate this transaction. Thank you.

*6 months later*

PayPal: Ok fine, we just like toying with you, here's your $1800. That's right, we took $200 of it because we enjoy taking a chunk of your profit. Thank for using PayPal, bitch.
by iPLAYtheSTATION July 31, 2011

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