4 definitions by iMillie

Products pilfered from other people's lavatories.
Seriously man, look at this aftershave. Toilooted!
by iMillie December 24, 2012
An assertion that is open to contradiction.

A scientific proposition that is falsifiable.

Not incontrovertible, obviously.
What a lame idea. It was so controvertible my three-year old sister could have shot holes in it.
by iMillie December 24, 2012
To resell goods that were not intended for sale, as for example when a manufacturer offers bulk consignments that are not intended to be sold individually, or when a person sells unwanted gifts.
Man, I am so going to revendicate this lame old scarf as soon as Christmas is over.
by iMillie December 24, 2012
A word or name coined deliberately to feature on the first page of any dictionary or listing.
Yellow Pages is packed with companies whose names are nothing but aabefacts.
by iMillie December 24, 2012

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