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1. a spanish word meaning male prostitute
2. some tasty filipino steamed rice cake
1. shut up you little puto.
2. lets go to the asian supermarket and buy some puto!
by iLuVnArU January 01, 2006
For sure. Actually created by E-40, not Snoop Dogg.. but Snoop Dogg popularized the word.
"I've always wanted to say this... For Shizzle!" - Dave Chappelle, Racial Debate (as Tiger Woods)
by iLuVnArU March 23, 2006
Bay slang... it means how many people can ride on those short yellow buses.. also means goin dumb, gettin hyphy, stupid, and retarded... Popularized by The Federation's single "18 Dummy", hence the name.
We're gunna go 18 dummy on your boulevard.
by iLuVnArU March 19, 2006

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