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West Milford, an 80+ square mile town in Passaic County,sitting in the "Heart of the Highlands."With mountainous terrain and nearly 40 lakes. This town, most commonly known for its bad reputation, is in fact the home of "Clinton Road".Also home of the Highlands known for "Heroin Hill", yes, Hewitt is referred to as that exactly.But this drug problem is because of the direct route to many cities. It's to be understood that if you grew up in this town, you are forever this town. People here have different personalities, Hick and Guido mix, I know, sounds ridiculous, and it is.. Graduates of WMHS are not all slutty druggy dumb asses but yes, majority are. They know how to have FUN and LOTS of it. But it's been very apparent to me that the families of West Milford are mostly hard working, honest people, many business owners.West Milford attracts Hikers and Bikers alike. Having the beautiful Appalachian Trail in Hewitt makes this town a great place to live for outdoorsy people!Although there are only 2 traffic lights in the town there is no need for anymore than that! Major state highway, Route 23, that winds along its southern boundary, more or less paralleling the Pequannock River, provides its main transportation links to the outside world*Despite its enormous size, West Milford is blessed with a small-town atmosphere and is overall a lovely place to live.The atmosphere is something different, something you may unknowingly become attached to, ask its 26,400 residents.
Wayne resident: "Let's go drive on Clinton Road and see the KKK"
Reply: "That shit's not true, idiot"

West Milford resident: "Are you ready for the Klann meeting tonight?"

LOL, yes, it is true..
by iLoveHewitt March 30, 2012
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