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Abnormal and often painful swelling of the taint. Symptoms include profuse sweating in the taint area and/or minor bleeding. An untreated straint may transform into a "taintotoma"

see "taintotoma"
That fart was so diesel, that I got a straint
by iLLapino January 06, 2011
Someone who imitates or genuinely emits sounds of flatulence with the hopes of gaining social stature or approval among peers. Usually male.
Ricky farted loudly and looked around the workplace frantically for approval, yet to his dismay everyone had their headphones on. He's such a flattention whore.
by iLLapino May 26, 2011
Physical condition resulting from an untreated straint, where blood pools and collects in the taint causing excessive swelling and discoloration. Often mistaken for a third nut.

see "straint"
Dude, you have a rubberband around your scrotum, or a taintotoma. Either way, you should get that looked at
by iLLapino January 06, 2011
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