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Not the most common use of the word, being a derogatory word for a female that has sex with a great number of people.

Hoe is another way to call another man a bitch ass nigga / someone who is soft as baby asses / a nigga that just ain't shit.
Guy 1: Yo I heard you slapped that nigga Vinny up and he just took that shit

Guy 2: Yeah. He a hoe. Fo rizzeal.
by iHateJimbo December 09, 2013
A saying used to get younger, drunken girls to have sex with you. It is a proven fact that 90% of the time, it works every time.
Girl: Mmmm this Peachka you bought us is delicious.

Guy: I'm glad bitch. Now Drop the paaaaaants.

Girl: Im really drunk. Okay. (undresses*)
by iHateJimbo December 09, 2013
A shorter way to say Scumbag.

See also : Scummies, Scumlord, Scum Dog Millionare, Scumbeezy, Scum City, Lord Scum, Scum Squad
Guy 1: Hey you remember that chick I took home last night?

Guy 2: Yeah man. She was hot.

Guy 1: Well not only did I bang it out, I stole that bitches purse when she was sleep.

Guy 2: You fuckin scum.

Guy 1 & 2 : *laughs
by iHateJimbo December 09, 2013

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