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A person that can't play the game, have to sit at spawn wait to get potentially "RUSHED" and take them out and also people that wait until theres like two guys left on the opposite team until you decide to slowly move.
There are some exeptions though : If your on a team on a big map 1 or 2 "CAMPERS" is ok.
You can't camp if your a "LONE WOLF" because your on your own n your not playing strategicly.
You are outnumbered by more than 3 to 1.
You are defending a bomb PLANT that you recently PLANTED. You have just started playing the game and don't know what the hell to do ( BUT YOU CAN SPECTATE AND LEARN IN TIME) and last (IF YOUR IN A REAL WAR GETTING SHOT AT BY THE TALIBAN AND YOUR REAL-LIFE IS IN DANGER) i Hope the majority of people "UP" this because if your good like me you will know this is correct. And if you "DOWN" this YOU are described in the title. Thank you for reading
Wow that guy was just hid behind that rock listening with his turtle beach at his spawn.
wow can i see a tent, fire and a chain of people singing cum by arr my lord "yes thats that team of campers"
You noob omg he just shot me from his spawn.
by iHateCampers April 19, 2010

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